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We are a well rounded company with years of experience in Engine Rebuilding business, with higher standards of testing every mechanical aspect of the engine. All our expertise and endeavors are aligned towards attaining high levels of customer satisfaction. More than half of our revenue comes from Re-manufactured Toyota engines so we decided to dedicate a site for Toyota owners to showcase our engines. We listen to our customers and constantly study automotive market in United States & Canada to extrapolate what our customers are looking for. We strongly believe that sales are an engine that drives our business and customer satisfaction is the fuel that keeps it running.This is the reason why we have managed to outperform and outmaneuver our competitors in terms of growth and customer satisfaction.

Toyota owners develop a special relationship with their vehicle over the years. If the engine in your Toyota fails, it doesn't mean that you have to replace your vehicle as it costs more to replace the entire vehicle. Our Re-manufactured Toyota engines with all new internal components are very affordable as they cost close to the price of a used engine. Our engines are built with precision at state-of-the-art machine shop by certified technicians with years or experience under their belt. Our rebuilt engine prices are highly competitive because we don't outsource any portion of our rebuilding process so all these savings translate into most affordable remanufactured engines in the market.